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design and install discreet and powerful Audio, Visual and Communication Systems. We are a small specialist company - we like it that way, it allows us to be flexible and agile when reacting to new technologies, or changes within projects.

Who We Are

Stealth Installations was established in 2003, a Custom Installation Company specialising in the design and installation of discreet and powerful Audio Visual Systems.

Initially based in Glasgow, Stealth Installations quickly established itself in London, providing specialist services to prestigious projects across the city. Stealth Installations now operates within the Commercial, Leisure and Residential Markets and our services now include the widest range of technology based solutions, always looking to create the most discreet, powerful and user-friendly systems.

Our projects vary in scale and location: From simple TV installations in the outskirts of Glasgow, to full technology packages within the most prestigious properties in London. Our core principle of discreet and powerful systems, installed to perfection, remains true whatever the project brings.

Our Services


With modern audio systems there really is no need for unsightly cables and speakers. Stealth Installations carefully design-in and integrate your music system into the fabric of your home. All of our systems are discreetly installed (sometimes invisible) and can be controlled via a variety of devices including tablets and smart phones.

The internet along with your home wifi network now make it possible to listen to massive music library's in any room in your home. Services like Spotify, Last FM, Napster and so on have made this possible. All of our system can utilise these services in any room.


With the increasing numbers of media services available on-line, via cable, satellite it makes choosing what to watch and where to watch it difficult. Our modern systems allow users to watch what they want where the want to watch it - especially now with Apples' AirPlay you can stream on-line content directly to any screen in the home.

With these modern services our users can mix and match their content to suit their needs, weather it be TV from abroad, CCTV, DVD, Apple TV, Sky and so on. Our system allow for any service on any screen in HD or 3D. Al at one touch of a screen (or your mobile phone - if you like)

Home Cinema

Home Cinema has been established for many years now and Audio/Video quality is now up there, or better than the Cinema itsself. And with the introduction of services like Love Film, Netflix and iTines the variety of choice is better than ever. Now you really can have a cinema experience at home and most importantly choose the film, show, sport.... whatever yourself.

At Stealth Installation we can integrate and conceal your cinema system into any room, then at a touch of a button, like magic! - a cinema apears.

Security and Access

CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Door Access,Smoke detection, Leak detection, electric gates.. The list goes on. .. The list goes on. We like to work with our clients to ensure they feel as safe as possible in their home. Protection of asset when the home is unoccupied is important too.

Data Wifi and Telephony

High speed broadband is now essential for our clients nowadays, from simple communication services (like iPlayer) to security. They all use the same network and infrastructure. Most systems are part of the network and need it for control, service and communications.

Data and Telephony are especially important to our client who have home offices, multiple telephone lines, internet calls (VOIP) and low cost tunnels between international offices are all achievable. We have a close relationship with a communications company who install telecoms systems on the back of our network.

Our system sare Future Ready and all current technologies being developed are Networked, so a strong Network and WiFi infrastructure are essential.

Control and Automation

Systems are becoming more complex and sophisticated so must be simple to control. How the user interacts with the system is most important to Stealth Installations and defines a good, fully functioning, system and not. We take pride in making the system easy and intuitive to control, we also want to thrill and excite our clients each time they use the system.

Integrating several systems like AV Systems, lighting, heating, cooling, blinds, security amongst others and controlling them at the touch of a button is a pleasure for our clients to use.


Software updates, product upgrades, installation of new technology and sadly faulty products are dealt with swiftly and professionally. We can monitor your system remotely, upgrade software and re-start equipment without attending site, this provides confidence and most problems can be resolved quickly. When we do re-visit your system we try as much as possible to send the engineer who installed your system to keep continuity and professionalism at the highest level.


Our installation team are multi-disiplined to the extreme. They are all ECSCS certified and each individual has numerous other H&S certification weather they be First Aiders, PASMA Trained or Fire officers. We have all the necessary systems in place to gain access to CDM2007 sites.

Our Engineers have specific areas of expertise from within the Technology sector, from Sound System Specialist through intruder alarm installers to Cisco engineers. Together they are able to cable, terminate, test, document (for O&M manual), configure and handover systems to our clients.

Design and Consultancy

We like to document our systems from conception, using CAD systems designs we can make changes on paper before going to site. We have worked as part of many Design Temas for commercial and residential projects. In some cases our designs and documentation have been used as part of the tender package.

We have many Clients who use our design service, though for one reason or another (Location/Size/Time) have the system cabled and installed by others. Amongst the Companies who use our design service are Gardiner & Theobald, United Designers, Equinox Fitness Centers, Prime Developments, Decathlon Stores, WaltonWagner amongst others.


Consultancy & Design

At Stealth Installations we offer an independent consultancy and design service. We are not tied to any manufacturer and have expertise in various technological fields.

Listening to clients, architects, developers and designers, we design a scheme and then work closely with M&E consultants to deliver an integrated solution, encompassing all technological requirements associated with modern buildings and homes.

We have worked as a consultant on a wide variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects, with varying degrees of complexity.

List of Services

  • Develop Brief / Budget with Client
  • Information for Tender Documents
  • Fully CAD Infrastructure and Cabling Drawings
  • System Schematics
  • Performance Specifications
  • Hardware Schedules (with suitable alternatives)
  • Measured Works Documents (including cable distances)
  • Value Engineering package
  • Procurement routes
  • Project Overseeing and Sign Off


Design & Installations

At Stealth Installations we design and install AV/IT systems for individual clients. Each project is unique and we endeavour to thrill and excite our customer by creating a personalised system, which exceeds expectations.

We offer a design and installation service from conception to completion for both residential and commercial projects.

List of Services

  • Develop Scheme and Budget with client
  • Produce Drawings
  • First Fix Cabling
  • Second fix cabling and installation of hardware
  • Commission, Test and Document System
  • Training and Handover

All Markets


Clients Making a house a home. We listen closely to our private clients expectations and endeavour to deliver a system that both thrill and excite our clients. Some of our Private Clients are high profile, high worth families who must feel safe, comfortable and secure in their home without appearing obvious.


We have worked, and continue to work, with many developers in London and Glasgow. By developing an unique infrastructure for each project we have managed to maximise the opportunity for the developer and the home owner. Each project is designed to accommodate todays technologies along with ensuring future technologies are accommodated for.

By working as part of the Design Team, or with the M&E consultant we offer a Specialist AV/IT design consultancy service. The production of drawings, tender documents and cost analysis are amongst our varied services. When working within these projects our scope is usually to design and install a fully operating system for the show home and cable the remainder of the homes for future development by the purchaser, although many prestigious 'Turn-Key' developments offer a Bronze, Silver, Gold system to the Purchaser.


Stealth Installations have proven themselves as able and proficient when working within the high pressure, fast moving, world of commercial developments. Working on projects of varying sizes we are confident in providing a solution on time and on budget. Most recently we designed the entire AV system for the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge.

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